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GOHUNT has been operating for more than 15 years.  It is owned and operated by Gerrie who is a Registered Big Game PH and his wife, Monja.   Providing and ensuring successfull hunts with extremely satisfied clients on a hunting area of 16000 ha and also have hunting rights in different locations. 

Situated in the Eastern part of Namibia close to the Botswana Border where there's a lot of silver cluster and Acacia trees.  

GOHUNT is a civilized and well established hunting operation, taking care of all your needs as a guest or client.  Ensuring your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as your hunt.  Due to the fact that you come to Africa to shoot a variety of animals, they also like to give you a taste of the best Game Meat, prepared to perfection and in such a way to taste every type of Game meat separately.  Every animal is unique in it's own way - in appearance as well as taste.

An extremely experienced Hunting Team in the field with tracking as well as skinning and field preparation of Trophies, making you feel at ease and comfortable that you and your Trophies are in capable hands.  Having the best reliable and comfortable Hunting Vehicles to accommodate all your hunting needs.  Regarding a very safe track-record with no injuries to hunters or their own personnel.  

Hunting with them will give you a different perspective of a successful and fair-chase hunt. Expectations on Trophy animals are very high and they always put their clients first!

GOHUNT welcomes you and personally guarantee a pleasant Hunt and stay!

Offering you ...

*   Personally operated Hunting Safaris

*   A variety of Hunting Areas and Locations

*   Years of African Hunting Experience

*   Variety of Huntable Species Game

*   Comfortable Accommodation and excellent food

*   Fully equipped and Reliable Transportation and Hunting Vehicles



Taking pride in what they do, and the way they do it!  Gohunt's aim is to give you a "Once-in-a-life-time" experience and making every hunt - a Memorable Hunt!

Offering a large variety of African Antelope to hunt in different locations with extreme landscapes, varying from the red sands of the Kalahari, open plains and the Mountains of the Khomas Hochland.

Gerrie and Monja are qualified in First-Aid and take specific measures in assuring Client-Safety and well-being.

G O H U N T with Gerrie to make YOUR HUNT in AFRICA a MEMORABLE HUNT.


E N J O Y   Y O U R   S T A Y